Our Ethos

Our Ethos

As a brand that celebrates the beauty of the natural world, it is important that we let you know how we are ensuring that our mark on the environment is as small as possible.


Our environmental promises are;

We only source materials, labels and packaging from UK suppliers. Avoiding nasty air miles.

You will not find anything here manufactured outside of the UK, even though in most cases it would be significantly cheaper. We are incredibly proud that all of our products are completely handmade in the UK.

We recycle as much of our waste as possible, all fabric scraps are recycled or repurposed. As a business we have almost zero plastic waste, whatever plastics do pass through our hands are sent to be recycled.

We keep processes as local as possible. 

We are continually searching for new ways to minimise our environmental impact. Currently we are exploring the possibility of using organic cottons.

We have recently moved over to wooden buttons as part of our continued effort to avoid plastics. 

Our products are made to last. We will not contribute to a throw away culture.